What? Where? When?

I am aching, non-stop. I want it, so badly. I cannot think of anything else, I must have it. But what is it? what am I craving for? is it that chocolate cookie? or the beautiful dress I saw in the store this morning? maybe is that new iPhone app that everyone is using now…
I seat still, this is too much, I want to stop thinking and enjoy the day. Today I don’t need to check Facebook or Instagram for beautiful pictures, everything looks stunning under the white snow blanket. I try to capture the beauty in a picture, I want to send a snapchat to my sister to show her the scenery. Should I use a filter? maybe not…
‘Look!! Did you see that?’
I look up but I don’t see anything.
‘There where two deers right there on the shore!’.
‘What? Where? When?’
‘Right there, between those trees. They were beautiful. You missed them’.
‘Ohh… I was taking a picture for my sister. Shit!’

Sounds familiar? We live between ‘I want this’ and ‘I want that’, but we don’t realise where we are, what we have or who we are. LOOK UP, THERE IS A WORLD BEHIND THAT SCREEN. A place where you can find the best music, the freshest air, the most exotic smells and the most beautiful sites. AND EVERYTHING IS FREE!